Hand Made, For You

We believe that if something's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Even if that's the path of most resistance.

So many manufacturers these days outsource overseas to meet their volume demands, sending your hard earned money with them. Since we are small, agile, and low volume, we strive to keep as much money and manufacturing as possible in the USA first if possible, then North America. This way we can ensure that proper ethics and working conditions are met with our contractors, and we are not unintentionally funding poor practices in industry. You can't say that for Nike or BAPE or Supreme!

On top of that, we realize that sometimes to get the best results, you have to get your hands dirty. That's why all our hoodies are hand cut and sewn by our expert team, ensuring top notch product. We make most of our products on demand, so when it arrives at your doorstep it will be a fresh off the press as possible! We also follow strict CPSIA compliance and material checks, to ensure top quality, safety, and conformity.

And it turns out, we can still do all of this for a reasonable price to you in the end! We do not employ ridiculous markups (Yeah, we're calling you out BAPE and Supreme) to create a false sense of value. We want regular people to buy and wear our hoodies, to be comfortable in their clothes and skin, to have their own unique styles, and to get great value for their work and time. Is that too much to ask?

We don't think so.