About Us

Falx27 was founded with the desire to promote unique camouflage and patterns and to express ourselves in a new and challenging way. There's our sales pitch. But we also have a hidden agenda.

In the world today there is so much over-saturation, so much negativity, so much belittling. It can be hard to get anywhere! It can be so hard to be seen and to be heard! And all that is very taxing on your mental state.

So we also want to try to help with that. We want to encourage positivity and mental wellness, so that people can better deal with difficulty in their lives. We think that if you look good, you feel good. If you look bold, you'll feel bold. If you look brave, you'll feel brave. If you stand out, people will notice you. We want to help you face your challenges head on, because we believe in you. Anxiety and depression are both massively under-diagnosed mental health issues throughout the world, and they are way more commonplace than we think. They can wrongfully convince you that you are not worth anything or that you're a failure, but it's not true! We know first hand what it's like to be a failure.

Before this we were video game developers who never made it anywhere. We tried hard for years but just couldn't make it off the ground. At the same time, we tried another clothing line and failed spectacularly. But we loved the gaming community so much, especially the indie game scene, that we still really wanted to be a part of it.

So we took that, coupled it with our love for action sports (We're a bunch of ski bums in mountain bike country, Colorado) and came up with Falx27, coupling a bold aesthetic to comfortable clothes. Your clothes should lend themselves to you, in comfort and style. We might have failed in the past, but we're not giving up. This time it's different. Now the vibe just feels different, it feels right, and we are stoked!


Whether it's streaming a competitive gaming session at the edge of your seat,

A chill carefree skate through the city park with the boys,

A chilly early morning, rocky downhill ride as the sun rises,

Or a cozy evening on the lodge patio with friends huddled around the fire,

Falx27 is there with you. We live for these moments. We believe in you, and we hope you believe in us too, and in each other. We're all in this together. Now get out there, do great things, and stand out!