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What customers say about our hoodies

My first thought as I put it on was: "Dang, I need another one of these!"

Tim B.

Fabric surface is awesome, outside fabric is soft with a very slight smooth feel and very subtle sheen in certain light. The quality of the cut and sewing job is terrific, stitching excellent. Fabric inside is a soft warm off white fleece, making this a pretty warm Fall Winter hoodie.

Jocelyn B.

I ABSOLUTELY love the feel of the material!

Nicholas F.

Me encanta el tacto y los colores. Buen producto!

Israel P.

I looooooooove this hoodie. The cut is VERY fashionable and the stitching/craftsmanship is strong - it will last.

Brian P.

Our Mission:

We like bold patterns.

We like camouflage.

We like gaming.

We make things our way.

At Falx27 it is our goal to provide the most comfortable clothing without compromising our bold aesthetic. Everyone has been using the same boring camouflage patterns and we are sick of it. We are inspired by the world around us and the games that we play, and we want to share our love of life (and our own unique camo patterns) with you.


Stand out, you deserve to be seen.